I am a qualified REPS Level 3 personal trainer based in East London.


I believe in inclusivity and that my role as a personal trainer is far more than inspiring fitness.  With a friendly, enthusiastic yet professional approach, I know that with exercise, there is no such thing as one size fits all. There are phenomenal gains to be made by investing energy in yourself and your goals, contributing to life's overall happiness.

I have extensive experience of training a wide range of clients; whether experienced or complete novices. I work closely with every client, creating their own personalised course of instruction that will help them become their ideal self. Every workout is designed to be enjoyable, effective and empowering.

Do you think you're ready to make a change?

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Active, Controlled and Effective



Personal Training sessions take place in East London in the Boroughs of Hackney and Tower Hamlets.

The main parks we use are Victoria Park and Well Street Common in the East of London but sometimes other parks will be considered. 


Each of these spaces combine the beauty of nature with the convenience of location.



In a city addicted to speed, sometimes we just need an escape. It’s no secret that exercising outdoors allows us to reconnect with nature which provides a multitude of benefits. We are hardwired for this connection with nature and outdoor training offers a simplicity and vitality that’s special. This is known as “green” exercising and it’s not only the healthiest form of exercise for the body, mind and soul but also for the environment. 


The renewing powers of the outdoors have a huge effect on improving mood and bringing a sense of calm and balance to the body and mind. This is because fresh air and natural light are invigorating and it’s what we’ve been used to for millennia  throughout our evolution. The challenges of a less predictable terrain, seasonal changes to your exercise experience and natural resistance, forces our bodies to get better workouts and burn more calories than we would do in a synthetic environment while also building your immune system’s strength too.


I’ve designed effective and empowering sessions based around an Active, Controlled and Effective workout. In a nutshell your motivation levels will soar.  You will learn exercise techniques correctly and you will meet your goals by learning from my expertise and allowing me to guide you towards a healthier lifestyle which in turn provides a long-term change for the better.


Your sessions with me will awake your passions and, the increased mindfulness from this time spent focussing on you, will leave you feeling good about taking a moment for yourself.  You deserve it.