• Becks van Someren


We spend a lot of mental energy self-doubting and hoping negative feelings will shift, which they won’t do by themselves. My mission as a personal trainer and group instructor is to help my clients find their strength in both body image and mindset. Culture imprints in us a belief that conforming to the ideal beauty standards will fill the void some of us feel, this is something I've never believed. Being free, fearless and uninfluenced by trends & pressures means you can focus your energy on finding yourself. I help people through my versatile training methods to emotionally heal body issues and setbacks that are keeping them from reaching their full potential. I have been doing this with clients solely on a one to one basis but I am now broadening my horizons, and hopefully yours too, and introducing my first group class starting at 12:30 on Friday the 20th of March 2020 in Wells Street Common (class is open to all levels but best suited to those new to exercise or looking to improve their fitness, tone up and get strong). With 36 five-star Google reviews (so far) I've had many requests from those on a budget wanting to work with me, so now's your chance. Classes are £15 per person, introduce a friend to the class and you can get 10% off your next class, bring two friends and you get 20% off and so on. All you need to do is email: becksacefitness@gmail.com or hit this link: MIND-SHIFT to book.

Let me introduce myself:

My name is Becks and I am female personal trainer and group instructor. As a female I am within a minority; out of 6000+ personal trainers in the whole of the UK, only 30% of them are women. I also specialise in outdoor training all year round, in all weather conditions. I am pro-green training, which is better for the environment, your health and fitness and for boosting your mind and body for those positive changes. Did you know that one treadmill can burn the equivalent of fifteen 75-Watt light bulbs while in use? Most people would never want to have five lights on in their house, let alone fifteen, yet most people don't think of their energy consumption when using a treadmill at the gym. This is one of the reasons that I no longer work at a gym but I was previously a personal trainer at Gymbox.

I have really enjoyed showing my clients that you don't need a gym to get fit and strong, you can get strong using little or no equipment, you don't need machines to workout - you burn around 7 percent more calories running outside than you do indoors on that treadmill. Lastly by training outside there's no gym-timidation; a lot of people are embarrassed and scared to go to the gym for fear they may look stupid because they don't know what they're doing. I train people to know what they're doing so they never feel like that again, I empower you to build your body helping you to feel mentally and physically stronger in your everyday life. I never second guess myself about the training I give my clients, as I employ the same methods in my routine. If I can get great results so can you!


Authentic confidence

Your self-worth doesn’t lie in how you look but working on your external image can help you feel great. Besides the endorphin release, knowing you are in control of your progress through discipline and hard work is a great confidence booster and you’ll find these newfound skills will start to appear in other aspects of your life such as your career. Your progress is part of the remarkable journey.

Get a grasp on reality

If you are someone who goes on benders on the weekend and wakes up feeling horrible on a Monday you might want to think about how this is interfering with the rest of your energy throughout the week. It's hard initially to prioritise being the best you, but hopefully when embarking on a healthier outlook you have some support from those around you. Eliminate bad energy, spring clean your lifestyle. It may help to reassess your relationships, especially with the naysayers; who’s only effect on you is to encourage bad habits, or unhealthy relationships. Fill your life with good people, achievable goals and pure energy.

Affirm some self-love

Managing your mindset can be a full-time job and one of the most daunting things can be new experiences. Joining a new class might fill you with fear, you might have some self-esteem issues, many people will be feeling the same way but in no time you will feel more confident and you can then make others feel comfortable by simply smiling at them when they are new. Tell yourself "I'm confident" affirmations hold a lot of power; you are a reflection of your thoughts so start thinking about what you want to be.

Build up rather than burn out

Going full force into a new fitness routine is setting yourself up for failure. This will inevitably lead to disappointment. My new group training is called "Mind-shift" and it will take place once a week, giving you the accountability, motivation and inspiration that you need to drive your fitness goals forward. I always combine strength and cardio for best results so expect to be hitting all those muscle groups. Starting small; committing yourself to once a week to begin, is all you need to make a start. Once you feel ready you can print one of my training timetables to see what else you can fit in and aim for a goal: a cardio -run in the park, strength training-1hr x 2 a week etc... Having a realistic timeline is important, as the saying goes: “a goal without a deadline is just a dream.”

Technique over injury

Building a strong foundation is vital for a successful superstructure. At Becks A.C.E. Fitness I train everyone to be self-sufficient. Don’t skip the vital step of exercise education that classes can give you. For the sake of saving a few quid, the do-it-yourself method can lead to poor form which will inevitably lead to injury which often costs money and time to fix.

Why is it called Mind-shift?

Probably the hardest part of introducing exercise into your life is making a mindset shift; a Mind-shift. Routine is all about balance; sleep, family, friends, work and play! There is so much to juggle and so little time. It's important to take time back for yourself.

If you think you're overdue a change and want to start feeling better, then all you need to do is get in touch.